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Get started on your journey of hand-lettering.
We will go through the beginner basics of hand-lettering: how to get started, sketching, drawing and inking.

WORKSHOP WITH PROVISIONS KENYA: Wed Sept 11th, 6pm, Coffee Casa

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As part of their creative class series, Provisions will be hosting this hand-lettering workshop.
This is beginner class is geared towards handwritten type enthusiasts and people looking to create "type art" for fun. We will learn about hand-lettering and spend some time drawing your favourite quotes, lyrics and more.
FEE: 2,000/- includes a hand-lettering kit.
LOCATION: the creative @_coffeecasa
DATE: Wednesday, September 11th
TIME: 6:00pm.

To reserve, email sasa@provisions.co.ke.




If you would like to book for a private session, get in touch on hello@kululagoods.com .

  • Cost per session - 2000Kes

  • Private sessions require 4 people minimum

  • 15 people maximum per session

  • Each person gets a few stationary supplies -sketchbook, pencil, ruler, eraser, inking pen

  • Each session is about 2.5 hours.